Senator Tom Ada Responds to “We Are Guahan” Survey


Guam – Senator Tom Ada provided the following responses to the “We Are Guahan” survey:


READ Senator Tom Ada’s responses in FULL below:


WE ARE GUAHAN: “Please answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following questions. Any other answer will be deemed non-responsive.”

(Please note that I have provided the one-word answers to each question as required by WE ARE GUÅHAN. I have also included a short, single sentence, “non-responsive” answer to each question, for the benefit of the media and the general public.)

“Qstn: Do you support the Department of Defense getting more land?”
Ans. Yes.

As long as fair market value is given for the land. I also recognize that Eminent Domain remains as an option to DoD, but should be an action of last resort by DoD.

“Qstn. Do you support the destruction of over seventy (70) acres of coral reef to accommodate a nuclear aircraft carrier?”
Ans. No.

I do not support the destruction of the environment.

“Q. Should the Department of Defense pay for impacts on our water system, wastewater system, roads, port, schools and hospital?”
Ans. Yes.

“Qstn. Do you believe most people in Guam will benefit economically from the buildup?”
Ans. Yes.

“Qstn. Do you support the military buildup?”
Ans. Yes.