Take Two on Senator Tom Ada’s Bill To Create An Autonomous Solid Waste Authority


Guam -Senator Tom Ada has re-introduced a bill that would create an autonomous Guam Solid Waste Authority under the governance of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

The bill is aimed at getting GovGuam ready for eventual end of the current Federal receivership.

This is a revised version of the bill which was originally introduced last June. Although Senator Ada says the initial measure “received positive feedback from stakeholders,” he decided to withdrew it to “further develop the legislation.”

Read Bill 35              

Bill 35-31 (COR) will appoint the Consolidated Commission on Utilities (CCU) as the governing body of the Guam Solid Waste Authority.

Senator Ada explains in a release that:

“Bill 35-31 (COR) prepares GovGuam for the eventual resumption of all functions, responsibilities and authority for solid waste management and operations, subsequent to the U.S. District Court determination that the Consent Decree has been satisfied.”

“We must carefully plan and prepare for the eventual return of the Solid Waste Management Division and it’s operational responsibilities from the U.S. Federal District Court to the Government of Guam, in order to ensure a sustainable, environmentally sensitive solid waste system.”

“By creating an autonomous Guam Solid Waste Authority, we can make certain this organization is provided with the necessary resources to effectively operate and manage this critical public service.”