Senator Tony Ada Intros Bill To Require the Use of Fed Funds to Mitigate Adverse Road Construction Impacts


Guam – Senator Tony Ada has introduced a bill that would require the Department of Public Works to use FHWA funds for project mitigation and utilities relocation if such funds are allowed for those purposes.

In a release, the Senator states that providing funds for mitigation and utilities relocation is a common practice nationwide for road projects funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). 

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According to the release, Bill No. 114-31 would require that, when federal funds are available, DPW must allocate such funds to minimize the adverse impact of road construction projects on businesses and residents. DPW has not done this in the past, resulting in often insurmountable burdens on businesses and residents located in the construction areas. 

The bill would also help keep the cost of utilities down says Senator Ada because he argeus utility companies would not have to pass the costs associated with utility relocation onto customers.