Senator Tony Ada Intros Bill To Limit Government Fees for Broadband Deployment


Guam – Senator Tony Ada has introduced a bill to limit the fees that GovGuam can charge to internet service provides for broadband service.

In a release, Senator Ada states that “Global statistics show a direct correlation between the availability and affordability of broadband internet/telecommunication services and economic, educational and social growth of population center.” And he argues that “small communities are resorting to extraordinary means to bring affordable broadband services to their residents.  These measures range from economic incentives to direct subsidies.”

Read Bill 43

Bill 43 would “limit the rights-of-way and deployment fees charged by GovGuam agencies to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to the actual costs.”

The release quotes Senator Ada as saying: “Broadband internet and telecommunications services are a necessity, not a luxury, for many of our people. Our government must do all it can to promote availability and affordability.” 

And he also states: ““It is wrong for our government to make a profit on fees charged to ISPs because this makes these services more expensive for our residents. Because of our 6,000 mile distance to the west coast, Guam residents already pay a premium for bandwidth. We don’t want our local government to add to that burden.”