Senator Tony Ada Proposes Tougher Traffic Fines for Truck Drivers, & Owners


Guam – Senator Tony Ada has introduced a new bill that would impose tougher traffic fines on the drivers of large vehicle over 10,000 pounds.

Bill 67  would double fines for drivers who commit moving violations and would impose registration fee surcharges of up to $300 dollars for the truck owners.

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In a release, Senator Ada says that the message he wants to send is SLOW DOWN.

The release quotes Senator Ada as saying: “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or physicist to realize that the larger mass of a commercial truck times increased velocity can equal disaster”.  And the Senator cites a fatal accident on Marine Corps drive a few years ago and another accident on the cross island road last year where the size of the vehicle alone increased the severity of the accident.

Bill No. 67-31 is cosponsored by the chairman of the Legislature’s public safety committee, Senator Adolpho Palacios.