Senator wants outgoing elected officials barred from GovGuam jobs for 1 year

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Senator James Moylan issued the following news release Monday:

As the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Discussions continue this week, Senator James C. Moylan submitted an amendment to prohibit elected officials who either lose an election or choose not to seek re-election from attaining a job with the government of Guam for a minimum of 12 months from their last day in office.

The discussion on this amendment shall take place later in the week when Senators address the Miscellaneous Provisions of Bill 282-35, the FY 21 Budget Bill.  The only exceptions to the prohibition shall be if the individual attained a position as an educator, licensed health professional, law enforcement officer, or won a seat in another elected position.

“One of the primary responsibilities of the legislature is to discuss and pass a budget bill.  For any member to influence the process with the possibility that they shall be the benefactors of that very budget is a practice which needs to end,” stated Senator Moylan.

Who adds: “while I have no issues with elected officials returning to public service in the capacity of an educator, a healthcare professional, or even a law enforcement officer, I believe that having a high paying government job as an agency head waiting for you after your term ends is a procedure that has to stop.  Not to mention an insult to others who may qualify for that very position but do not bring the political credentials to the table.”

Senator Moylan has reiterated that the intent of the amendment is to allow the provision to remain in the books permanently and is not being introduced to target any specific elected official in office at this time.