Senate Armed Services Committee’s Defense Bill “Prohibits” Funding for Buildup Pending Review; $150M “Not Necessary This Fiscal Year”


Guam – The U.S. Senate’s Armed Services Committee states in a release that the Committee has approved a 2012 Defense bill that “prohibits” further funding for the Marine realignment to Guam, and cuts about $180 million dollars from proposed appropriations related to the Guam Military Buildup.

The release states “approximately $150 million in projects requested for the realignment … from Okinawa to Guam … are not necessary this fiscal year”  and $33 million is being cut for the Office of Economic Adjustment for Guam facilities support which “appears to be ahead of schedule.”

READ Senate Armed Services Committee’s 33 page release detailing their Markup of the 2012 NDAA

The Armed Services Committee voted unanimously Thursday night in Washington to vote out its markup of the Senate version of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA].

The bill now heads onto the full Senate for consideration, before a House-Senate conference committee hammers out the final version and sends it on to President Obama for his signature.

HIGHLIGHTS of release from Senate Armed Services Committee as it relates to Guam Buildup:

*Prohibition on funds for the realignment of USMC forces from Okinawa to Guam until the Commandant of the Marine Corps provides an updated force lay-down. The Secretary of Defense must also submit a master plan to Congress detailing construction costs and schedule of all projects necessary to realize the Commandant’s force lay-down, and the Secretary must certify to Congress that tangible progress has been made to relocate Marine Corps Air Station Futenma.

*Requires DOD to study the feasibility of relocating Air Force assets at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa and moving Marine Corps aviation assets currently at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Kadena Air Base rather than building an expensive replacement facility at Camp Schwab.

*Approximately $150.0 million in projects requested for the realignment of United States Marine Corps forces from Okinawa to Guam as projects are not necessary in this fiscal year.

*Cuts $33 million from the Office of Economic Adjustment for Guam facilities support appear to be ahead of need.