Senator Yamashita Wants Education Board To Revert Back To A Policy Board


Guam- Senator Aline Yamashita will be introducing a measure Tuesday to revert the Guam Education Board back to a policy board.

Yamashita says Public Law 30-183 reorganized the education board and she’s concerned about a provision that gives board members supervision authority. The former educator says she spoke to Dr. Nerissa Underwood on the matter and feels the Department of Education (DOE) Superintendent should have full supervisory authority.

“I think the board should remain the policy board” said Yamashita. “And the reason I believe that is because I think the Superintendent, who has all that responsibility to oversee the 32,000 kids, along with that responsibility, she should have full authority about how to do that.”

Dr. Yamashita adds that requiring the Superintendent to get approval from the board for her decisions takes away the efficiency of making decisions and carrying them out. The bill will be introduced sometime Tuesday.