VOTE 2012 VIDEO: Senatorial Candidates Make Last Minute Pitch for Votes Outside Precincts


Guam – The 31 senatorial candidates made their rounds to precincts throughout the island today. While all but one of them will make it on to the general election, candidates from both parties felt it was important to get out and thank their supporters

Republican newcomer Mike Limtiaco said he felt the energy from supporters was strong.

“It’s great, we’re having a great time” Republican newcomer Mike Limtiaco told PNC during a stop in Agana Heights.

Republican Brant McCreadie is also trying to make his way into the Legislature. While one of the 16 Republican candidates won’t make it onto the General Election, McCreadie wishes everyone in his party the best of luck.

“Its a time now that you can thank your supporters,” McCreadie said during a stop in Barrigada.

Democratic Incumbent Dennis Rodriguez was also out greeting supporters. All 15 Democratic candidates will move on from the primary and Rodriguez said it was a good day to see the Democratic party come together.

“I think it’s important because its a good way to get us all ready for the general election,” Rodriguez told PNC. “We look forward to the general election.”

Former Senator Frank Aguon Junior was also out meeting with voters, as he tries to make his way back into the legislature. Aguon said it was nice to feel the support of the democratic party today.

Nine of the 15 democratic candidates on the ballot today are incumbents and five of the 16 republican candidates are incumbents.