Democrats Retain Majority in 33rd Legislature


A couple of incumbents lost their seats while some new comers and former senators made their way in.


Guam – The Democrats have retained their majority, with nine of their candidates making into the 33rd Guam Legislature according to unofficial results from the Guam Election Commission.

Frank Aguon Junior received the most votes last night, 23,089. Dennis Rodriguez was right behind him at 21,705. Following in the top five were republicans Tony Ada, Jim Espaldon, and Tommy Morrison.

Espaldon is making a return to the legislature along with Frank Blas Junior who came in in 12th place last night with 16,452.

Republican Senators Aline Yamashita and Chris Duenas lost their seats in the legislature falling below the cut in 16th and 17th place. Senator Brant Mcreadie, also a Republican, barely held on in 15th place.

Republican Mary Camacho Torres and democrat Nerissa Underwood both made in for freshmen terms in 7th and 8th place. They are two of the four women who will make up the legislature with the re-election of Speaker Judi Won Pat and senator Tina Muna Barnes.

Also reelected were Democrats Tom Ada, Michael Fq San Nicolas, Vice Speaker Bj Cruz, and Rory Respicio.

Former Senators Adolpho Palacios, Judi Guthertz, and Hope Cristobal did not make it back in to the legislature.








  1. This is just my take on the election. First, Calvo/Tenorio’s win wasn’t too surprising. What surprised me was and I’m sure many others was how badly the GG team lost. The Democrats were touting the idea of party unity yet if you look at what GG was able to garner vs. the Democratic senators, you come away with the notion that it wasn’t the case. My theory is that many Democrats voted for members of their party in the legislature but crossed over to vote for CT in the gubernatorial slot. Why? I’m sure many of them were satisfied with CT’s performance over the past 4 years so why switch horses in midstream as the saying goes. I’m sure that there may be relief for those Democratic senators who have their eye on Adelup in 4 years. If Gutierrez had won, he would have chosen to run again for another term. His defeat insures that a Republican will be in power for 4 years and then we would be faced with choosing someone else to govern after Eddie leaves office in 2018. Tenorio might choose to run for governor and he would have some very good running mates in either Tony Ada, Jim Espaldon and Tommy Morrison. On the Democratics side, there’s the possibility that Aguon would have good choices in Rodriguez, Ada, or maybe Wonpat. These are just my ideas but I can honestly say that if any of these teams materialize in 2018, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if either the Republicans or Democrats were to prevail in November 2018.

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