Senators Adopt Cruz’s Revenue Projections


Lawmakers move through Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz’s FY16 budget quickly and without much debate

Guam – Lawmakers have been zipping through the fiscal year 2016 budget.




 This morning (Weds.) lawmakers adopted Vice-Speaker Cruz’s revenue projections. The revenue projections in Cruz’s budget are about $24 million dollars less than the Governor’s. Also with the mandatory $13 million dollar reserve Cruz’s budget has $37 million dollars less in appropriations than the Governor’s budget. Senators quickly went through the appropriations to GDOE GCC and UOG this afternoon (Weds.) before recessing. GDOE will be getting the largest general fund appropriation in recent history of $237.8 million dollars. Session will resume tomorrow morning (Thurs.) at 9am.  


  1. The deficit is caused by Senator Frank Agoun…he spends our tax dollars like it was his money, as vice speaker Gov’t of Guam Employees were placed on a 32 hour work week, and as a Lt Gov. Candidate he was rejected by the People….a fake and a phony Senator…you loose once shame on me you loose twice as Lt. Gov..Shame on you, Frank will never hold a public office higher than what you have now…the people know you more than you think…

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