Senators Called Into Special Session For Bill That Would Save Millions


Bill Contains Spending Provisions That Lacked Public Hearings 

Guam – Governor Calvo called senators into special session today(Thurs) after Senator Mike San Nicolas pulled his bill from the session floor.



 Senator San Nicolas says he withdrew bill 130 after it was “hijacked” and turned from a savings bill into a spending bill. During session yesterday the bill was substituted on the session floor by Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. then amended by Senator Frank Aguon Jr. the new version took the savings that the original version would have achieved and appropriated it to numerous things. “We have not refunded the bonds but people have already put measures into the bill to determine where it gets spent without any public hearing without any public input,” said Senator San Nicolas.

 On the session floor Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz read the section of the organic act saying that special session should only be called for pressing matters that deal with public health or public safety. Speaker Judi Won Pat also tried to adjourn the session saying that the bill should go through a public hearing but enough members objected and as of the publishing of this article senators were in recess.