Senators have heated exchange over hotel wharf improvements at port


Lawmakers continued debate on Senator Frank Aguon Jr.’s bill 157 which would allow the Port Authority of Guam to borrow $72.6 million on the bond market for port modernization projects.

Guam – Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje and Senator Aguon got into a heated debate over an amendment she was trying to proffer that would require the Port to seek approval from the Guam Legislature for any contract, MOU or use agreement for hotel wharf. Senator Aguon who is chairing the committee of the whole ruled that her amendment was materially different from the primary substance of the bill and therefore could not be even voted on. The Vice-Speaker disagreed.

“One of the reasons that the Port Authority is asking for this ability to borrow is because they want to make improvements to the hotel wharf. And part of the improvements they are going to make to hotel wharf is to match a grant that they received for $10 million but what the government of Guam is going to put into hotel wharf is $14 million. And that is paid for by tariffs of the people of Guam,” argued Terlaje.

Ultimately Senator Aguon rescinded his decision on the amendment. Senators then continued debate on the measure throughout the afternoon. The legislature recessed until tomorrow(Fri.) morning at 10:30am.