Senators discuss bill to give Tiyan property to Barrigada Mayor


Guam – Lawmakers went into regular session today. This morning they spent some time discussing a measure that would transfer property from the Department of Parks and Recreation to the Barrigada mayor.

Senator Joe San Augustin’s bill 62 would transfer 43 acres of Tiyan property including a football field several baseball fields and a tennis court to the jurisdiction and administrative control of the Barrigada mayor.

San Augustin says the Barrigada Mayors’ office is aware that they will have to take on the cost of maintenance themselves without any additional appropriations. San Augustin said he told the mayor “if it is approved don’t be asking for more money from the legislature work it within your budget.”  However, this is exactly what some lawmakers are concerned about. That the Barrigada mayor will take over these properties but not have the money to maintain them. Mayors have recently complained that they don’t have the funding necessary to continue cutting grass for the island’s schools.