Senators discuss bill to regulate political signs and Health Care Para Todu bill


Lawmakers discussed Senator Tommy Morrisson’s bill 138 which would extend the regulation of political signs to signs on private property.

Guam – The measure also prohibits political signs on GovGuam property on Archbishop Felixberto Flores Memorial Circle, Pale San Vitores road, Rt.14a, Rt.14b, Trankiludat street, Frank H. Cushing way, Fujita road, Happy Landing road, Rivera lane, Chichirika st., Bisita lane and Gun Beach road. The bill also limits the number of signs that can be erected to 75 for gubernatorial candidates, political organizations and political action groups, 50 signs for candidates for Senator, Congress, the CCU and the education board and 25 signs for mayoral candidates.

The legislature also discussed Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr.’s bill 132 or Health Care Para Todu plan which would authorize public health to administer this plan with the hopes of providing health coverage to people without health insurance.