Senators Dissaprove Governor’s Proposed Chamorro Land Trust Rules & Regulations


Lawmakers substituted Senator Tom Ada’s proposed rules and regulations with a bill that disapproves the Governor’s proposed rules and regulations for the Chamorro Land Trust. 

Guam – Debate has begun on Senator Tom Ada’s Chamorro land trust bill.



 Bill 139 would adopt for the first time in it’s 40 year existence rules and regulations for the Chamorro land trust to govern commercial leases and licenses for commercial use. The measure which was introduced by Senator Tom Ada will allow the CLTC to lease out commercial properties and make money that can be used to survey the land trust’s property which would in turn allow for them to issue out residential leases that have been on hold for years. However some of the proposed rules and regulations have been questioned. Senator Nerissa Underwood says she’s concerned that the proposed new eligibility requirements would “water down” the original intent of the law that created the Chamorro land trust. “The proposal right now states that anyone who has been a resident of Guam for a period of five years may apply to lease the land for whatever the purposes are,” said Senator Underwood adding, “it certainly undermines the primary intent which is to ensure that the Chamorro people have land that’s reserved for their use in the future.”



 Lawmakers substituted Senator Ada’s bill with the another bill that disapproves the first set of proposed rules and regulations that were sent down to the legislature by the Governor’s office. The bill to disapprove the Governor’s proposed rules and regulations passed with a vote of 14 yays and one excused absence.