Senators Esteves and Lee introduce bills to exempt necessities from sales tax


Guam – Senators Regine Biscoe Lee and Fernando Esteves have introduced two separate pieces of legislation that gives sales tax exemptions for certain items.

Senator Lee introduced bill 264 or the “Working Families Relief Act” on Monday which would exempt basic necessities like groceries, diapers, medicine and feminine hygiene products from the new 2% sales tax which is slated to begin on October 1st. However, slightly before her bill 264 was introduced Senator Esteves introduced bill 263 which also provides some of the same exemptions in Senator Biscoe Lee’s bill along with other exemptions that aren’t in bill 264.

“Mine also has the tax exemption on home purchases under 400 thousand or so 400 thousand and below. The exemptions to the wholesale industry, the exemptions to casual sales such as flea markets, online flea markets, we can maybe apply that to food vendors at events as well,” said Senator Esteves.

Senator Biscoe Lee, introduced her bill as a follow-up to an amendment that she proffered in recent special sessions as tax increases were debated. While Senator Esteves introduced bill 263 as a follow-up to his bill 249 which was similar to Senator Joe San Augustin’s bill 248 2% sales tax bill but with these exemptions.