Senators Hear Testimony on Violence Against Unborn Child Bill


Guam – Senators heard testimony on three bills this morning.


 These bills included bill 407 which would require that anyone who is convicted of reckless driving take a defensive driving program. They also heard testimony on bill 412 which is relative to volunteers patrolling school campuses during non-school hours. Several people testified on bill 409 which would make the penalty for the intentional death of an unborn child the same as the penalty for first degree murder. Tim Rohr says some may disagree with the bill’s definition of an unborn child. “Which defines an unborn child to mean any individual of the human species from fertilization until birth. In anticipation of a such a challenge it’s necessary to note that this bill proposes nothing new to the Guam code,” said Rohr. Rohr told lawmakers that 36 states recognize the unlawful killing of an unborn child as homicide.