Senators: let local hunters on military bases to hunt for pigs and deer

A pig hunting derby will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Three Guam lawmakers want local hunters to access military bases on Island, to hunt for pigs and deer.

Senators Pedo Terlaje, Clynt Ridgell and Speaker Tina Muña Barnes, have penned a letter to Joint Region Marianas’ Rear Admiral, John Menoni, requesting that local hunters be allowed on-base, to help control the feral swine and deer populations.

The lawmakers say the hunters will additionally be able to feed their families and communities with their catch.

Letter to RA Menoni

In their news release, the Senators referenced the Joint Region Marianas 2012 Ungulate Management Plan, in which they say, “hunting is used extensively as an ungulate (like pigs) management tool worldwide, and that Joint Region recognizes in this document that hunting is a source of food for many on Guam.”

“Our needs to both curb the ungulate population and provide food to our hungry residents intersect,” said Senator Terlaje.

Referencing COVID-19 economic fallouts, Senator Ridgell said, “national meat supply producers, like Tyson, have had to shut down major meat processing plants. We need contingency plans should the food supply chain be broken.”