Senators McCreadie and San Nicolas React Favorably to Cruz’s FY16 Budget Bill


Senator McCreadie pleased the bill includes funding to hire new police officers and Senator San Nicolas says “with this budget we move in the right direction.”



Guam – Meanwhile two senators have already reacted favorably to B.J. Cruz’s budget.



 Senator Brant McCreadie says he’s happy that the budget includes in it allocations for new police recruits. Earlier in the year Senator McCreadie introduced bill 78 which would’ve funded and mandated the recruitment of at least forty new police cadets over a span of five years beginning in fiscal year 2016. Cruz’s budget contains funding for the recruitment of 30 new officers over a span of five years. “I’m very pleased that he incorporated $1.1 million dollars and that will hire 30 new police officers,” said Senator McCreadie adding, “We put six years of this or seven years we’ll have a fully operational police force and I think the public will be much safer.”

 Senator Mike San Nicolas also issued a press release this afternoon saying in part that “by aiming to appropriate less than we collect, our government can finally get out of the cycle of overspending. We can no longer be a government that lives pay check to pay check, and with this budget we move in the right direction.”