Senators meet with GPA & GWA to discuss proposed drone ban


“We’re united in our stance to protect ‘must not fail’ critical power, water and communications infrastructure.  Defining how we’re going to do it is the next step.” -Senator Wil Castro
(OSWC) –  Senator Wil Castro along with representatives from Senator Esteves and Senator Nelson’s offices met with senior management officials, technology experts, and identified personnel for GPA and GWA’s anticipated drone system to discuss Bill 155-34 (LS).

Bill 155-34 (LS) aims to prohibit the use of drones and unmanned robots within the airspace or one thousand feet of certain government facilities.

This is the second work session with technical teams to discuss the bill. The first was with law enforcement and military personnel. A third work session will be scheduled with members of the Guam Chamber of Commerce as well as drone hobbyists and commercial service providers.

“Based on the working sessions we may shift from a ‘No Fly Zone’ to a ‘Prohibited Uses’ approach.  What isn’t changing is the need to protect human life, safety and critical infrastructure,” says Senator Wil Castro the bill’s primary author.

At today’s work session GPA shared plans on adopting drone as well as high-end imaging technologies for critical infrastructure monitoring and assessment.  According to GPA their drone operators will be certified and registered. Their drone unit(s) will also be registered
with the Federal Aviation Administration.

“After learning of GPA’s plan to acquire drone technology for systems monitoring and assessment, I am impressed with their foresight and due diligence in developing internal policies, procedures and protocols for drone use on or around critical infrastructure,” says Senator Tommy Morrison, a co-sponsor of Bill 155-34.

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