Senators Moylan and Therese Terlaje propose cancellation of 2020 Primary Election

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)

Senators James Moylan and Therese Terlaje will be introducing a bi-partisan measure Monday morning, to cancel the 2020 Primary Election.

In a news release, the Senators say with the concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and minimizing risks related with large social gatherings, their measure would allow all candidates who are on the Primary Election ballot to advance to the General Election in November. This would provide the Guam Election Commission additional time in establishing measures to assure the safety of all voters in the November election, according to Moylan and Terlaje.

They say the legislation would also save the government of Guam at least $350,000 in costs for the Primary Election.

The Senators add: “While 9 of the 19 villages will have contests during the Primary Election, because there is a congressional race on one side of the ballot, and the elimination of one senatorial candidate on the other side, this will end up being an islandwide election in August, hence defeating any other argument related to minimizing risks associated with the pandemic. At the same time, with the government’s financial resources looming as a result of the economic crisis, it is vital to place any cost-cutting measures on the table for discussion.”