Senators mull bill to extend required school age to 18


Guam – A proposed change to Guam’s drop out rate is one step closer to a vote in the legislature.

A bill to extend the required school age to 18 has reached the voting file after debate and fine tuning on the senate floor this morning. Some senators see bill 159 as a way to cut crime.

“The statistics in my neighborhood will tell you definitively that those who are contributing to or committing crimes are those under the age of 18, between 14 and 17, during their curfew hours. That’s a lack of parenting,” former Sen. Wil Flores (R) of Barrigada said.

If you’re a student, Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. reminds you whether you want to work for the government of Guam or the military, you must have a minimum education level of a high school diploma. He adds that many private businesses require that bare minimum standard for entry level employment, as well.