Senators pass 13 bills, 1 resolution, and 2 overridden vetoes

Guam Legislature seal (PNC file photo)

At session today, senators passed several measures including Bill 285-35 which amends current laws to authorize volunteers to enforce animal abuse laws.

If signed into law, Bill 285 will allow GPD’s CAPE volunteers to issue citations for animal abuse violations.

The bill also creates a volunteer animal control office program at the Guam Department of Agriculture. This new program is called the PAWS Volunteer Program and PAWS is an acronym for ‘Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety’. The bill received the support of Guam Animals in Need during its public hearing in July.

Aside from Bill 285-35, senators also passed several business, education and environmental-related bills such as:

= Bill 133-35, which proposes to reduce the one-time filing fee for the Articles of Organization for an LLC from $1,000 to $250.

= Bills 253-35 which will preserve benefits of Merit Scholarship recipients attending the UOG and GCC;

= Bill 197-35 will allow the University of Guam to create new revenue sources through public-private partnerships, short-term borrowing, and long-term leases;

= Bill 283-35 which overhauls local regulations protecting Guam’s drinking water; and

= Bill No. 401-35 which encourages recycling by creating tax incentives for companies who reduce the waste stream into the Layon landfill.

In total, the legislature passed 13 bills, 1 resolution, and 2 overridden vetoes