Senators pass anti-gun-grabbing bill

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio

Guam – Munga ma’go’te i paki! Don’t grab the gun! If you do, you’re going to jail. Police pistols are loaded, chambered, and holstered up, and now it’s up to the governor to decide whether it’ll be a felony for anyone to grab a cop’s gun from this point forward.

On Friday all senators present voted to pass their colleague Sen. Telena Nelson’s (D) Bill 324-34 (COR) criminalizing the disarming of peace officers. Eleven of 14 lawmakers voted yes, and the remaining three senators had excused absences. So the ayes have it and the vote is a unanimous quorum.

Bill 324 is now before Governor Calvo to decide whether criminalizing police gun grabbing is a no or a go. Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio admitted to grabbing a police sergeant’s holstered handgun after insisting that he had only consumed two or three beers at a barbecue block party in Tumon last summer.

But when asked by PNC, Tenorio repeatedly declined to answer whether alcohol and firearms is a bad mix. Tenorio was charged with several criminal misdemeanors. His case goes to trial in March.

Tenorio said the pistol was loose and that he was teaching the officer a lesson in firearms safety, but later regretted his own stated safety method.