Senators Pass Measure to Authorize DOE Power Payments


Guam – Senators began session today by discussing and quickly passing an emergency measure.


Bill 444 was introduced by Senator Ben Pangelinan to allow the Guam Department of Education to use the nearly 200 hundred thousand dollars a month it will save on power to pay for it’s promisary note with the Guam Power Authority. GDOE will be saving money on power because of the most recent LEAC adjustment that lowered power rates. Bill 444 also allows GDOE to use funding from this fiscal year to pay prior year obligations with the Guam Power Authority. “Make note that DOE has been paying this note from it’s current budget allocations for the last eight months or so maybe even nine months and they have enough authorization within their budget based upon their current requirements to make those payments and they were told you can’t do that we won’t give you the money to do that because we believe it’s prior year and we don’t have the authority,” said Cruz. According to GPA spokesman Art Perez today DOE kept it’s promise and made a 200 thousand dollar payment on it’s promisary note. DOE is no longer in danger of having it’s power cut.