Senators Petition Congress for Inclusion in Radiation Exposure Compensation Act


Guam – Senator Vicente (Ben) C. Pangelinan (D-Barrigada), along with fellow Democrat Senators Tina-Rose Muna Barnes and Speaker Judith Won Pat, sponsored Resolution 171-31 (COR) relative to petitioning the United States Congress to pass legislation introduced by New Mexico’s Democrat Congressman Ben Lujan (H.R. 149) and Senator Tom Udall (S. 791).

H.R. 149 and S. 791 amends the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 (RECA) to expand the list of eligible downwind areas to include Guam for the nuclear weapons testing conducted by the United States government that occurred in the Marshall Islands from 1945 through 1962, and to allow equal compensation for all claimants of $150,000 each regardless of exposure.

“As a long time advocate to recognize and include Guam as a down winder, I applaud the New Mexico representatives in their effort to support our cause. The passage of this amendment will greatly benefit the people of Guam that have suffered from leukemia and other forms of cancers attributed to nuclear fallout. We are finally making progress on our efforts for justice.” states Senator Pangelinan.

Senator Pangelinan spoke passionately in support of Resolution 171-31 (COR) on the session floor this morning and encouraged his colleagues to support its passage. Resolution 171 is now in the voting file.

“On behalf of the Pacific Association of Radiation Survivors (PARS) and Mr. Robert Celestial, I would like to extend an invitation to our entire island community to a candle light vigil at the Plaza De Espana on Friday November 4, 2011 from 6-8pm. The vigil is to remember and honor all those that have suffered from leukemia or cancers attributed to nuclear fallout”.