Senators question practices of Guam Contractors Licensing Board


GUAM – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. questioned some of the practices of the Guam Contractors Licensing Board during an oversight hearing this morning.

The Senator asked board members about a complaint that was filed in 2009 but sat idle until 2015. The person who filed the complaint even had to refile the complaint in Feb. of this year and has still yet to have that complaint entertained. The Senator brought up a story about a license being given to an uneligible non-U.S. citizen and he asked the board why they licensed someone who was on a red flag list. “On regards to red flagging an individual our office usually requests that we speak to the person that took the test which is the responsible management employee and they come into the office and they talk to the investigation or because from my understanding we’re not allowed to deny a contractor to renew a license unless we follow the administrative adjudication act,” said Guam Contractors Licensing Board administrative assistant Maria Perez. Senator Frank Aguon Jr. immediately chimed in saying “I’m sorry I understand that Mrs. Perez but the law allows you or Mr Ordonez and the board to rescind any license when in fact any of these contractors meet certain conditions identified in the law. So, it’s not a question of administrative adjudicative action. It’s providing the contractor due process but if they break the law you automatically that very moment can rescind that license but provide the contractor with due process of recognizing what the offense was. What the illegal activity was and then give them that hearing.”

Senator Aguon also asked about a specific applicant who received a license after not going through the entire process that is required. The Executive Director of the Guam Contractors Licensing Board could not answer the question but instead promised that he would be more stringent going forward.