VIDEO: Senators Question Taitano About QCs During His Confirmation Hearing to Lead GEDA


Guam – Several senators asked Henry Taitano about his stance on the Qualifying Certificate program during his confirmation hearing this morning.

Taitano has been appointed as the administrator of the Guam Economic and Development Authority. GEDA has the power to give Q.C.’s to businesses giving them tax breaks.

Taitano said as administrator he would ensure that Q.C. applications are properly scrutinized. Taitano also promised to focus on purpose, commitment and partnership at GEDA.

“Why would someone who could make more money in the private sector without the complication of politics or public criticism choose to accept this appointment? It’s something I had to think about when Governor Calvo asked me to be his economic adviser two years ago and something I heavily considered when asked to take on this role,” said Taitano.

Taitano says the reason he chose public service is because it fits his personal purpose of wanting to help others.