VIDEO: Senators Respicio & Ada Seek More Price Transparancy at the Pump


Guam – Senator’s Rory Respicio and Tom Ada have written a letter to the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and the Guam Energy Office asking them to post a comparison of wholesale fuel rates to current gas prices on their website.


READ the letter from Senators Respicio and Ada to the Directors of the Guam EPA and the Guam Energy Office HERE

Senator Respicio says it’s a request that he actually made several years ago when gas prices were spiking. After gas hit nearly five dollars a gallon last week the senator is asking the current Acting EPA Administrator Eric Palacios to post a graph on their website showing the difference between wholesale prices and prices at the pump.

“This idea’s not new like I said it’s been done in Australia and we have provided EPA and the energy office a graph of what we were able to download off the website and just by eye-balling it you can see that the difference between the retail and the wholesale prices there’s a steady gap and as the wholesale price goes up so does the retail and as the wholesale goes down so does the retail and so there’s a consistent difference between the two prices and that’s what we’re hoping to see and hoping to track over time,” said Senator Respicio.

All three gas providers on Guam raise their prices to the same price within twenty-four hours of each other.

As an example of thwe type of cfhart they are refering to they point to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [ACCC] website at :