Senators Say Legislative Appropriation of Big Eye Tuna Not Necessary


Senators questioned the need for a bill that would appropriate money that Guam will receive from Hawaii for allocating it’s big eye tuna catch limits to the state. 

Guam – A public hearing was held on Senator Brant McCreadie’s measure eyeing big eye tuna money from Hawaii.

 However it appears that the hearing and the bill itself may be unnecessary The bill looks to extend a planned fishing platform in Agana and it looks to appropriate the money Guam will receive from allocating it’s catch to Hawaii. However, lawmakers questioned the need for the bill this morning as it turns out the money received from Hawaii will be a grant that doesn’t need any legislative appropriation. “Since it’s not in general funds and since it’s an award or sub grant then really we have no place to even talk about this because it’s already been pre-determined and it’s been pre-allocated to this specific project,” said Senator Jim Espaldon. 

 Department of Agriculture director Matt Sablan confirmed for law makers that the funds would go towards added construction of a fishing platform at the Paseo with or without legislative approval.