Senators Talk About Online Voter Registration


Bill Would Allow People to Register to Vote at GEC Website

Guam – Lawmakers discussed bill 23 today(Weds.) which would allow for electronic voter registration.

The bill is one of three measures introduced by Senator Mary Torres in the hopes of making it easier for people to register to vote. Torres introduced these measures in light of Guam’s decreasing voter registration. Bill 23 would allow anyone with a valid Guam drivers license or Guam I.D. card to register to vote on the Guam Election Commission website. The GEC reccomended that the bill be ammended to require a promise under penalty of purjury among other things.


“I want to further commend the sponsor for recognizing all of the concerns that were brought up throughout the public hearing process. The concerns that were raised by the Guam Election Commission were certainly incorporated into this ammended version that the sponsor supported,” said Senator Respicio.