Senators to discuss elimination of primary election and four year term limits among other bills during session

A member of Speaker Tina Muna Barnes' staff has tested positive for COVID-19. The Speaker's staff is working remotely as a preventative measure. They will all test for COVID-19 on Monday.

The legislature is in session discussing a number of bills including bill 45 which would eliminate the primary election.

Senator Joe San Agustin introduced the legislation as a cost saving measure. Another bill on the agenda is Senator Mary Torres’ bill 92 which would extend Senators terms from two to four years but would also impose term limits. If made into law senators would not be able to serve more than 3 consecutive terms. Also on the agenda is Senator Frank Aguon Jr.’s bill 116 which adopts the Attorney General’s opinion that Guam law prohibits the “structure of any kind or character erected or maintained for outdoor advertising”. Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr.’s bill 132 or healthcare Para Todu bill is on the agenda which would expand healthcare access to the Guam Medicaid program by establishing a managed care pilot program. Senator Tommy Morrison’s bill 138 is on the agenda. The measure regulates political signs and extends these regulations to private properties. For the complete list of bills on the session agenda log on to the