Senators tour Tumon to assess crime, condemned buildings, and homeless issues

Senator James Moylan (in aquamarine shirt) leads a tour of Tumon on Wednesday. (PNC photo by Julianne Hernandez)

Senators went around Tumon this afternoon to look at condemned buildings and other areas where possible illegal activities occur. They also had a glimpse of the homeless situation in the area.

The tour was organized by Senator James Moylan in cooperation with the Guam Police Department.

Moylan said the tour was to point out certain areas in Tumon where illicit activity was suspected and to highlight that people are staying in buildings that are not deemed safe.

Moylan says that one way they are addressing the issue is to rid of the condemned buildings where they are currently residing.

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“We wanted to ensure that we have to clean this up right away. We’re asking for fence lines to be put in. We’re asking for all of this rubbish to be put out. The homeless people need help but this structure is not safe,” the senator said.

He added: “I understand the (Guam) Homeless Coalition have already come here and have already spoken to these folks. Now, it’s a matter of giving them a deadline and say this is what’s going to be happening. The new property owner will be fencing up the lot and providing security or so we’re told. So we’re going to be following up with that and then they would have to move on from these facilities,” Moylan said.

According to Mylan, the current administration is doing as much as it can and he supports getting things done for the homeless people.

“It’s an unfortunate situation but living in this private property that the government has no control over, is not right,” the senator said.

The property was sold and is now under new ownership, which has plans to turn it into a new development.

Moylan says he will be following up with the company for updates.

He added that Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio has expressed interest to make sure shelter, necessities, and other resources will be available to the homeless upon relocation.