2 bills advanced to the voting file after marathon emergency session

The Legislature will hold an emergency session next week Tuesday.

Senators advanced 2 of 11 bills on their agenda into the voting file during their marathon emergency session Thursday which spanned at least seven hours.

All 15 senators gathered for the urgent session but they did not discuss arguably the most crucial bill on the docket — Bill 335, which gives the governor added authority to enforce her stay-at-home orders.

The legislation includes curfew powers and fines of up to $5,000 for anyone defying the governor’s executive order.

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The senators did discuss and moved two other bills into the voting file that are related to local funding, one that would give workers on Guam who are exposed to COVID-19 in some way, additional hazard pay.

The other measure, authored by Senator Therese Terlaje, would give the governor another $4 million to expedite the buying of critical medical supplies and providing temporary housing for frontline medical personnel and homeless people.

Session resumes on Monday.