Senior citizens enjoy Huegon-Manamko’

(PNC photo)

Guam – Biba manamko’! For Senior Citizens Month, crowds of manamko’ pushed, laughed, and tossed as they played games at a community event today.

Senior citizens aged 60 and over from the island’s 12 senior centers got together to participate in activities such as a ring toss, a raffle, and more during Huegon-Manamko’, – an annual event organized by the Department of Public Health and Social Services-Division of Senior Citizens.

The event was a true community effort. Planned over the course of several months, mayors from various villages donated food and some senators sponsored some of the games for the event.

Senator Amanda Shelton, who has oversight of the division of senior citizens, helped organize the “over under” game for the event. She commends the participants for being so active.

“You can see them, they’re cheering each other one. They’re getting mad because they’re so into the competition. But overall, it’s such a great event, a happy event that everyone’s enjoying today,” Shelton said.

Building relationships

According to William Reyes, the acting social supervisor of the Division of Senior Citizens, the event is not only held for seniors just to let them have some fun, but to encourage them to build relationships with their peers.

“It means Senior Games. We named it Huegon-Manamko’ because we wanted a day for them to just really enjoy. What you have seen so far, that they go out and around and socialize with other centers. Because you know, they’re just used to their own centers and even there, you can just see that they’re just in groups. They don’t wanna leave their comfort zone,” Reyes said.

Rosita and Francisco Aquiningoc have been participating in the Huegon-Manamko’ for five years. The couple sees it as a great opportunity to connect with their community.

You get to mingle with the other groups from the different villages. So you know, it could be your uncle, your auntie, or your cousin. We’re all here from the island of Guam. It’s wonderful. Have you made any new friends? Yes. I’ve talked to them. They’ve said, this is a nice day. And I said, of course, because we’re all together enjoying it.”

PNC would like to wish Rosita and Francisco a happy anniversary as they approach their 50th year of marriage this weekend.