September 16th Proclaimed as Prisoners of War/ Missing in Action Recognition Day


Men and women in the armed forces serve our island and nation, with the possibility of never returning home.

Service members are killed and families are left to grieve. Sometimes, they cannot be buried as their remains are not found. This is an unfortunate reality for service men and women and their families.

In a virtual proclamation held late last week, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero proclaimed September 16th as Prisoners of War/ Missing in Action Recognition Day.

Governor Leon Guerrero said, “I think this day is one day of 375, but it should be every day that we think of our men and women lost, so I am especially grateful for all our serviced men and women and also what to say again, I am very honored to proclaim this day in acknowledging our men and women who have made their sacrifices out there in their community and during harm’s way to defend our island and our nation.”

Tim Aguon–Director of the Office of Veterans Affairs shared a statistic regarding enlistment in the Pacific saying, “Approximately 75% of missing American troops are in the Pacific/Asia region.”

Speaker Therese Terlaje urged the community to keep families who have service men and women in their families to express gratefulness and prayer.

Terlaje said, “It never seems enough to express our utmost gratitude for your service and sacrifice. I urge our communities to join us in lifting prayers of hope and comfort for prisoners of war, those who have since returned home, the tens of thousands who are still missing in action, and the parents, siblings, and children who need us to keep the faith and vigilant for them and with them.”

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