Service learning requirement waived due to pandemic

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Since face-to-face schooling isn’t happening anytime soon, does that mean service-learning is no longer required for high school students to graduate?

Before the pandemic, students had to acquire a certain amount of service-learning hours by physically performing acts of service for their communities. This is usually done through volunteering at non-profit organizations and events. With the lockdown still in place, is it still possible for students to graduate without physically being able to volunteer?

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According to GDOE Spokesperson Isa Baza, “The Guam Education Board moved to waive the service-learning requirement over the summer and my understanding is that the law would need to be amended by the Legislature.”

This was confirmed by Senator Amanda Shelton who said they were able to waive the service-learning hours for high school students enrolled during SY 2019-2020 through Bill 332-35 back in April.

Their intent was to exempt all students (freshmen through seniors) from this requirement.

This exemption follows the students throughout their high school careers. They will reach out to GDOE to determine if this exemption will be needed for students enrolled after graduation SY 2019-2020.