Session Begins: List of Bills That Made the Agenda


Guam – The Committee on Rules has released the following list of bills on the session agenda:

In addition to the list of bills below which will be considered, legsilators will also consider an over-ride of the Governor’s veto of:

Bill No. 271-30 (COR) – Sponsor: AB Palacios, Sr. An act to repeal §77108, Chapter 77, Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, “Authority to hire attorney”; and to repeal §3104, Chapter 3, Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, relative to establishing provisions for the Attorney General to provide legal services to the Guam Police Department, and relative to the positions of Fire Chief and Chief of Police, and for other purposes.

Also to be considered are the confirmation of the following executive appointments:

1) Helen M. Bordallo, member, Guahan Historic Preservation Review Board (Committee on Municipal Affairs, Aviation, Housing & Recreation)

2) J. Peter Roberto, Director, Department of Public Health & Social Services (Committee on Economic Development, Health & Human Services and Judiciary)

3) Priscilla Tuncap, Member, Civil Service Commission (Committee on Labor, the Public Structure, Public Libraries & Technology)



Bill No.               Sponsor Title

Sub‐54                               EJB Calvo
An act to  add a new section 3218.1 to Chapter 3  Article 2  Title 10 of the Guam  Code Annotated, relative to the Woman’s Informed Consent for Abortion and  to cite the act as “the Woman’s Reproductive Health Information Act of 2009”.

306                                 FB Aguon, Jr
An Act relative to Rezoning Lot 1, Block 2, of the Subdivision of Lot 1098, Remainder, located in the Municipality of Barrigada, Guam, from Residential (“R‐1”) to Commercial (“C”); to allow for greater application and use of the property and the surrounding area.

Sub‐364                           vc pangelinan
An act to amend Section 6 of Public Law 24‐141 relative to event admissions assessment to the Guam Raceway Park.

431                                 vc pangelinan
An act to amend §4302 (b) Chapter 4, Article 3, Title 4 Guam Code Annotated relative to providing utilization and cost information to current and prospective health insurance companies who provide health care coverage to government of Guam employees and retirees.

Sub‐438                           vc pangelinan
An act to add subsections (a)(5). (a)(6) and (a)(7) of Section 13109 Chapter 13 of  Title 12 Guam Code Annotated relative to Section 30 funds and other federal  matters.

Sub‐442                          TC Ada
An act authorizing extension of lease between the Port Authority of Guam and Cementon Micronesia, LLc for a term of up tp twenty (20) years.

446                                 JT Won Pat, Ed.D.
An act authorizing the funding for the Construction of the University of Guam Student Services Center and the Annex Building for the School of Engineering.

450                                vc pangelinan
An act to amend Section 8150 of Chapter 8, Title 4 of the Guam Code  Annotated relative to investments in bonds of United States and Federal

Sub‐461                           JP Guthertz, DPA

An act to add a new Article 2, to Chapter 40, of Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, relative to creating a Community Partnership Council (CPC) for the purposes of  identifying sites in each municipality in Guam, and funding for the construction of multipurpose centers for every village. This act shall be known as the ‘Community Partnership Act of 2010.’

463                                AB Palacios, Sr
An act to repeal and reenact §34152 Chapter 34 of Title 5 Guam Code Annotated relative to disbursing child support payments by electronic means.

466                                AB Palacios, Sr
An act to amend §77109, Chapter 77, Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, realtive to the qualifications for the appointment of the Chief of Police.

467                                AB Palacios, Sr
An act to amend subsection (a) of §3107 of Chapter 3 of Title 22, Guam Code Annotated, relative to compensation for public safety personnel who perform work in shifts.

473                                 TC Ada
An act to reprogram and appropriate funds from the Limited Obligation Highway Bonds authorized by P.L. 19‐2 to improve the availability of DPW
school buses by refurbishing selected school buses, perform overdue preventative maintenance services, purchase of tools and equipment for buss
maintenance, and repair of facilities at DPW bus substations.

488                                 TC Ada
An act to amend Section 10401 of Title 12, Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 10, Port Authority of Guam, Article 4, Public‐Private Partnership through a performance management contract