VIDEO: Session Called to Consider Another Hay Pay Bill to Roll Back Salaries for Some Elected and Appointed Positions


Guam – The legislature went into session this afternoon to discuss bill 278 which would scale back the recent salary raises for appointed and elected officials. These salary raises went into effect last week as a part of the Governor’s Hay pay plan.

“So what this bill does Madame Speaker is it freezes this salary and sets it of the directors and deputy directors and the elected officials back to October first of 2013,” said Senator Ben Pangelinan adding, “What this does of course is it frees up then that money that would’ve gone to their paychecks to put back into the pool so that we can have greater ability to effectuate a greater implementation of the classifieds and unclassifieds.”

Bill #278-32 (COR) – V.C. Pangelinan / B.J.F. Cruz / T.C. Ada / R.J. Respicio

Democrats say that they want to stop the Governor’s Hay Pay plan salary raises for appointed and elected officials in order to afford salary raises for GovGuam’s rank and file.

Senator Brant McCreadie however, defended the Governor’s Hay pay plan and defended the Governor’s appointed agency heads. “Who are we to tell someone a different branch or an agency or a director that they don’t deserve a little more money so they can take care of their families are we the only ones who have to take care of our families? Because we received a raise nobody stopped that? Are we the only ones that are gonna come here to fight for our pay? What about fighting for other peoples pay?” said McCreadie. The Senator also complained that Republicans didn’t even have enough time to review the bill. “Aside from the fact that this bill was introduced at 1:32 p.m. and we’ve had no recess to, as my colleague to the right always says, have a cursory review of this bill…it’s trivial to me, we keep going down the same path over and over we introduce a bill at 1:32 and then call session at 1:30 and this bill is heard,” said Senator McCreadie.

Senator Mike San Nicolas says these are all distractions from what it is the legislature is really trying to do with this bill which is to scale back raises for elected and appointed officials.”So much misdirection confusion distraction. When I came into office Madame Speaker the salary on day one is exactly the same for me as it is today I never got a raise,” said Senator San Nicolas adding, “Increasing director’s salaries at this time is not something that we should be considering when our rank and file employees are getting 40 cent checks $30 dollar checks. How can we justify a $10 thousand dollar raise $20 thousand dollar raise when somebody whose already making $80 $90 $100 thousand when someone who’s making 30, 40, 50 is getting 40 cents?” As of the publishing of this story lawmakers had yet to vote on the measure.