Session tackles GPD funding and increased stipend for conservation volunteers

(PNC graphic by Ricky De Guzman)

The legislature tackled Bill 23 and Bill 25 during session today. One of the proposed legislation provides additional funding for the Guam Police Department while the other increases the stipend for conservation volunteers.

The senators went into the committee of the whole to discuss Bill 23 and Bill 25.

Bill 23 allows the Guam Police Department to spend lapsed funds from fiscal year 2019. The money will be used to support the department’s operational expenses.

GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio says that the department’s lapsed funds is more than $200,000 as of now and they need the legislation in order to use the funds.

Meanwhile, Bill 25 increases the stipend received by civilian conservation officers. These are volunteers who are trained to provide backup in monitoring and preventing fish and wildlife violations. They also provide assistance during natural and man-made emergencies.

Chelsea Muna Brecht, Department of Agriculture director, said the volunteer conservation officers currently receive a stipend of $250 a month, with no additional compensation for uniform, equipment, and other expenses.

Should the bill become law, the monthly stipend will increase to $500 per month.

Senators moved Bills 22 and 25 to the voting file.