At Least 7 Chamorro Village Shops Burglarized

One of the suspects was caught on surveillance footage. The burglar is heavyset and was last seen wearing a dark-colored shirt and pants with a baseball cap. (Image taken from CCTV video courtesy Hafa Link)

Seven shops at the Chamorro Village were broken into and ransacked early Monday morning and the business owners believe that the culprits took advantage of the islandwide lockdown.

The Chamorro Village has been a ghost town in recent weeks as business owners are doing their part in fighting the spread of the Coronavirus by closing up shop.

But the “CLOSED” signs posted on 7 merchant shops didn’t stop the burglars from entering and taking what they wanted.

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Filamore Alcon is the owner of the Guam Gallery of Art, one of the seven shops broken into.

Alcon took to social media expressing his dismay, sharing that he has been at the Chamorro Village for over 25 years and this is the first major break-in involving that many merchants. He lost $3,000 worth of merchandise.

PNC visited the scene, noting that it appears the suspect gained access by breaking the glass doors of the establishments.

The shops were in disarray with items strewn along the shop floors. It is not known how many individuals were involved. However, one of the suspects was caught on surveillance footage. The burglar is heavyset and was last seen wearing a dark-colored shirt and pants with a baseball cap.

As police investigate the case, Alcon says he is disappointed with the conditions of the lockdown and feels business owners have a right to be at their establishments.

“Now when the robbers knew that there’s nobody there 24-7,” said Alcon “the government can not ask business owners to shut down the business completely without out any concern and they didn’t even have security.”

Alcon believes that what happened at the Chamorro Village shows that the coronavirus pandemic may place many other businesses at an increased risk of being targeted.

GPD Spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao says that the burglaries occurred sometime between March 13 and the 30th and involved the A&A Variety Shop, Smart Cut, LMY Clothing, Mode More, Chamorro Island BBQ, and Guam Gallery of Art.

Blue Amber Trio Boutique owner Amber Word told PNC that she learned this morning about the break-ins which have stirred a lot of emotion in the Chamorro Village tenants. She says it’s difficult not to worry.

“I realize that there’s so much correlation between the coronavirus and what’s happening with crime and fear here on the island,” said Amber. “So it’s very difficult at this point at the village since we are under the Department of Chamorro Affairs. We are not supposed to be here as many of us are on lockdown but it’s difficult not to be worried about what’s happening outside when we are being locked in, in a way.”

If you have any information regarding these burglaries, contact GPD at 472-8911 or call Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-HELP.


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