Suspects identified in Bergeron killing; parents arrive in Yap

Rachelle Bergeron, assistant Attorney General of the State of Yap, was shot dead on Monday, Oct 14 (Photo from the Yap State Government Public Information Service)

The Yap state government reports that several persons of interest have already been identified in the shooting death of Rachelle Bergeron, the state’s acting attorney general.

According to the state public information office, the initial and intermediate phase of the investigation has been completed which led to the identification of the individuals who might be involved in the shooting.

Bergeron and her dog were shot just around 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14, after returning from a run.

While the state government of Yap did not provide any names, they provided assurance that they are working in a coordinated and orderly manner toward the next phase — which is to conclude the investigation with an arrest and, ultimately, a conviction.

Meanwhile, Bergeron’s parents arrived from Wisconsin this week. A memorial service was held Tuesday afternoon to celebrate Bergeron’s life and to honor her service to Yap.