Sex offender on parole arrested again

This is not the first time that similar allegations have been levied against Henry Cepeda Chinel.
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A man who is registered as a level one sex offender after being convicted in two separate criminal sexual conduct cases is now facing allegations that he sexually assaulted a minor.

A 14-year-old girl reported to school officials last week that she was sexually assaulted by Henry Cepeda Chinel, a man known to her.

The minor told police that on Dec. 7, 2019, while at a residence in Yigo, she awoke to find Chinel removing her shorts before he inappropriately touched her. The girl told police that she told him to stop and ran from the room.

For this case, Chinel is being confined at DOC on the charge of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Police say Chinel denied the allegations. However, this is not the first time similar allegations have been levied against Chinel.

He was first convicted of sexually assaulting another 14-year-old girl in 2008. Five months after being convicted of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct, in that case, he was charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct against two adult women, according to court documents.

Convicted in that case in 2012, Chinel was sentenced to 10 years incarceration and while he was not supposed to complete that sentence until 2020, he was released early from the Department of Corrections and placed on parole.

Because he is on parole, the new allegations mean that he will go before the parole board within 60 days for a revocation assessment, according to the parole services division.

Chinel is the second criminal sexual conduct offender to be released early from prison and be accused of similar allegations while on parole.

In April, Paul Santos Mafnas, a registered sex offender who was also on parole after being released early, was picked up on charges that he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a minor girl. Mafnas’ arrest resulted in the parole board’s procedures coming under scrutiny by the 35th Guam Legislature.

In May, Senator Therese Terlaje raised concerns over the current system for addressing criminal sexual conduct offenders and their re-entry into society.

“That’s our concern. It’s like we’re sitting ducks for repeat offense and we’ve seen with the other statistics released by the court in their annual report that quite a few offenses, especially felonies … they come out and they are repeat offenders,” Terlaje said.


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