Sex predator sentenced to 15 years in prison

(Louis Anthony Vargas)

Louis Anthony Vargas will spend 15 years incarcerated at the Department of Corrections for molesting a nine-year-old girl known to him.

Prosecuting Attorney Christine Tenorio presented the case to a jury earlier this year and he
was found guilty of one count of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree
Felony with a Special Allegation of a Vulnerable Victim Enhancement attached.

Following the sentencing hearing in Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III’s courtroom, Tenorio
said, “The minor victim and her family have waited for justice to be served for over three
years. Nothing can lessen the emotional turmoil that the minor victim and her mother have
gone through and will continue to go through. I want to thank the victim’s mother for
providing the support to her daughter during this difficult process and ensuring her voice
was heard.”

A witness told police that she heard rustling noises coming from the victim’s bedroom but
discovered the door was locked. The witness then peered into the window and saw the
victim lying naked on the bed and the defendant putting on his shorts. A rape kit was
administered by Healing Hearts Crisis Center within 48-hours of the sexual assault and
sent off for testing; results revealed a foreign DNA profile consistent with the defendant’s
DNA profile.

“I also want to thank the Healing Hearts social workers, therapists, Air Force Office of
Special Investigations, the Air Force Judge Advocate General, the Guam Police
Department, and the Hawaii Police Department for the roles they’ve played in this
coordinated effort to bring justice to this family and aid them in their healing. There was
overwhelming evidence of the criminal sexual conduct that the defendant committed
against this vulnerable victim. Commission of these crimes on this island will be prosecuted
to the fullest extent so that our children can be safe,” Tenorio added.