Shakedown uncovers more contraband at DOC

Eric De Castro accused of promoting major Prison contraband after shakedown of his cell revealed drug paraphernalia.

In the last four days, a total of three shakedowns was conducted in Post 6 or the maximum security unit which houses the prison’s unruly inmates.

Guam – It appears that Operation Green Vigilance is working as a cell phone and other contraband was discovered in the Department of Corrections Maximum Security Unit on Wednesday.

The Department of Corrections is cracking down on contraband, which has been a problem for the facility for years. But it appears since the launch of Operation Green Vigilance, the department is beginning to get a handle on the amount of contraband that is hidden within the prison’s walls.

Not only has Operation Green Vigilance resulted in discovery of contraband, but has also helped to weed out corrections officers who may have played a role in a conspiracy to promote prison contraband.

Last month, six DOC officers, Jeff Limo, Fermin Maritita, Frankie Rosalin, Jerome San Nicolas, Ed Crisostomo and Gary Hocog, as well as two civilians and two inmates were named in a conspiracy ring.

In the last four days, a total of three shakedowns was conducted in Post 6 or the maximum security unit which houses the prison’s unruly inmates.

Three inmates were found with cell phones in their cells, one of which was identified by Guam Police Department Spokesperson AJ Balajadia as Eric De Castro. Balajadia says that De Castro was charged with promoting major prison contraband. He was booked and re-confined.

But cell phones weren’t the only contraband uncovered. In seven other inmate cells, DOC officers found residual amount of tobacco, homemade sharpened objects, a surgical blade and what appeared to be a homemade pipe.

“Leadership of the department is taking a more proactive, aggressive stance on contraband interdiction under Operation Green Vigilance and efforts are not soon to let up,” stated DOC Deputy Director Kate Baltazar.

According to DOC Director Tony Lamorena, they are sending a clear and strong message that contraband will not be tolerated in their facility. He adds that anyone found to be responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

All contraband found is turned over to the GPD’s Criminal Investigation Division for review and further disposition.


SOURCEJolene Toves
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