Guam In The Pool


Guam- She is an International Pool Star and has challenged some of the best women in the world, including and defeating world renowned player Jeanette Lee.  She’s sponsored by Dragon Promotions, Poison Cues and Cream Silk shampoo and even has her own shampoo commercial.  Her name is Shanelle Loraine Camit and whenever she is challenging these top ranked players she always says she’s from Guam.

Camit has been playing pool since 2000 and has been playing professionally for nearly three years.  She was recently in Korea for the World Leisure Cup and another tournament in the Philippines, she had a few days to rest and decided to come to Guam and visit her family here before returning to Florida.

Camit moved here when she was seven because her father was in the military.  But even though she had to move her heart stayed with the island and wears the Guam flag proudly whenever she’s in international competition.  “Whenever someone asks where I’m from I always say Guam, of course,” said Camit.  She also went to say that if you’re planning to take up pool professionally you should “have the will to be better and better.  And better yourself, not only in pool and on the table or in any sport out there but also in life itself.”

Last year she appeared on Spike and gave tips about pool in between the showing of Terminator 2 and you can visit her website at