She Can’t Stop It, But Public Auditor Doesn’t Like IBC’s “Cadillac” Maintenance Contract for JFK


Guam – OPA Doris Flores Brooks says the Department of Public Works has explained the costs of the International Bridge Corporation’s maintenance contract for the John F. Kennedy rebuild project to her.


According to Brooks, there is now clarity on the way DPW calculated the cost analysis for the new JFK campus,  but she doesn’t like it.

Brooks says “Stepping back, the concern that we now have is that, it’s an expensive proposition and as auditors and stewards to tax payers money, we owe it to be more diligent in what we are getting. Here’s an analogy I would use, this is a cadillac fully loaded and can we afford a cadillac fully loaded?”

Brooks acknowledged that her office does not have the power to veto the maintenance contract.
But she would like to see DPW renegotiate this contract to get a better value with tax payers dollars.
According to Leon Guerrero, he will heed Brooks’ advice and will review the numbers, but feels that they are almost there. But Leon Guerrero says he won’t compromise the JFK maintenance contract because he doesn’t want to see a similar situation that already occur to the Southern High campus.

He says next week IBC will go to the market to secure their financing. Leon Guerrero says shortly after that happens, he anticipates that DPW will schedule a ground breaking ceremony for the new JFK Campus.