Shell mini mart in Tamuning robbed at knife-point


The Shell gas station mini mart in Tamuning was robbed at knife-point last night by two men wearing hoodies who stole at least three cases of beer.

Shell attendant Elvio Ordanza working the night shift when the men entered the store about 10:30 p.m.

Ordanza said said the one of the men threatened her with a long knife. She said he made a stabbing motion at her.

“After they left, they just walked … behind King’s .. then, I called the cops,” Ordanza said.

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Initially, Ordanza said, one of the robbers came in wanting to buy beer. She asked for ID, he refused and walked out, only to come back a moment later with the other robber and a knife. The robbers went into the cooler and took out a case of beer.

“The other guy with the chubby wearing black shirt took the Heineken beer, the one case. Then the tall guy who was wearing sweater with the hood went straight to the chiller and got two 12-packs of Budweiser,” Ordanza said.

Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera was gassing up at the same Shell station last night when she heard the news and joined Guam police in the search for the robbers

“The actual person had a knife there at Shell gas station. GPD was going around looking for them. So you know I was going around Rt. 14 and the backside of AK and we’d didn’t see anyone walking,” Rivera said.

Ordanza said: “I’m really really nervous last night. Even my cashier, she tells me last night that she doesn’t want anymore to work graveyard.”

She described the robbers as Micronesian.

No one was injured and the Guam Police Department is now investigating the incident.