Shelton against UOG tuition hike

Sen. Amanda Shelton (PNC file photo)

Sen. Amanda Shelton, the chair of the Legislature’s higher education committee, is against any University of Guam tuition fee increase at this time.

In an interview with the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K-57, Shelton said she is “totally” against the proposed tuition fee hike and she has already sent testimony to the UOG Board of Regents informing them of her opposition.

“I think this tuition fee increase comes too quickly,” the senator said, adding that the UOG tuition fee hike proposal only had a public hearing last Friday.

Shelton pointed out that the Legislature has always made sure that the university got its budget allotments and drawdowns.

She added that enrollment at UOG has declined since the last tuition increase “and that was only 5 percent!”

The senator also warned that 55 percent of students at UOG are on financial aid and the tuition fee hike may disqualify students and make it harder for students who are financially challenged.